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Crafting natural feminine hygiene & wellness products with love, that are made for women at all stages of life. Give your body the best natural ingredients available.

Wellness comes first

Natural products

Crafting natural feminine hygiene & wellness products with love, that are made for women at all stages of life.

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Natural and High Quality

Natural products your body will love

Askim Beauty was founded from the belief that intimate care can provide benefits to women at every stage of life, and that symptoms coming from natural processes can be remedied with natural products and ingredients. Askim Beauty wants its customers to love their bodies, and through thorough research into medicinally active raw materials, Askim Beauty has formulated products for women everywhere, to build confidence, relieve discomfort and promote wellness.

Plant based

Eco friendly

Chemical free

From Australia to you

What Askim beauty does different

  • Community in mind

    Askim Beauty donates a share of profits to disadvantaged women in India.

  • Remedies your body loves

    Working with Dr Mamta Israni Askim Beauty seeks to formulate products you and your body can love, from natural ingredients, chemical free.

  • Putting gut health first

    Research shows that one way to positively affect your body, mind and immunity is through good gut health and the benefits of probiotics are strengthened with the supporting power of natural ingredients added to this specially selected vitamin, adaptogens and nutrients.


Askim Beauty's featured products, independently crafted from natural ingredients for our customers benefit. Explore natural solutions to feminine hygiene, including plant based, and eco-friendly offerings.

All Clear

₹ 189.00


₹ 1,450.00

You Grow Gal

₹ 1,399.00

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Embrace natural

Probiotics and Adaptogens

Consuming probiotics has become a popular way to improve digestive health, as probiotics are bacteria strains that are found naturally in foods and some supplements that are healthy for the body. Likewise, Adaptogens have been around for centuries, and have been used to resist stressors to the body of all kinds, be it chemical, physical or biological. Both Probiotics and Adaptogens have shown to assist the way your body handles stress and maintains balance.